How To Optimize Your WordPress Blog With These Tips And Tricks

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WordPress is a Content Management Service (CMS), developed using PHP and MySQL, that is most often used for blog publishing.
Among all its features its support for plugins and templates stand out and are the reason it is the most popular blogging software.
WordPress is fairly easy to use but there are some hidden quirks that result in optimum service.
Page Redirect is a template on WordPress with which you won't have users looking at the loading process.
Instead have a page with a few ads that load quickly and once your site is loaded, user will be redirected there.
This is an effective way to generate extra revenue through ads.
WordPress lets you put a 'Bookmark this on Delicious' link which will automatically save your site to the user's del.
us account.
There are some eye catching buttons for this which will definitely improve the aesthetic appeal of your site.
A little PHP editing on your part will let you have unique formatting for each post.
Using the _ID tag you can modify each post to your liking.
Although the changes will be minor, each post will now stand out from the rest.
This is especially useful for posts involving promotions or announcements.
FLIR is a plugin for WordPress that automatically converts any text you want into an image.
This will give better positioning flexibility and better display quality.
Converting a title to an image doesn't affect the header and your site will continue in search engine listings.
Random Redirect, another useful little plugin, redirects users to a random page in your site.
Useful especially for bloggers; perhaps users might find something interesting in older posts.
It is usually used randomly but specific URLs can be added by modifying the PHP code.
These are some of the best ways to increase circulation of your site or blog.
There are several other tricks that would enhance your site but most of them need PHP coding experience.
Nevertheless, follow above tips and your website will become a whole new experience.

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