Hacking Your Subconscious

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I cannot get over how powerful the subconscious mind is.
I just finished reading The Magic of Believing by Claude Bristol.
In this book he discusses how we can release our subconscious mind overnight to reveal things we know/knew/forgot that we saw.
Let me illustrate with an example and follow up with the right interpretation: Three days ago I went to bed intending to get 1000 hits/day on my website.
I had no idea how I was going to make this happen.
I thought about it for a few minutes and then fell asleep.
The next morning, my alarm rang, I got out of bed, and an idea popped into my brain: Why not e-mail all your customers from your Lego shop letting them know about your website (about 150 people).
As I entertained that thought for a few seconds, I realized that I could announce my site to another 425 people.
I might as well e-mail my Gmail contacts while I am at it too.
So here we have an example of unlocking the subconscious.
I had already collected all the e-mail addresses of my Lego shop customers, but I forgot that I had the list stored in a spreadsheet somewhere on my computer.
This moment-of-light does not always happen in the morning when you get up.
I had it happen to me again this evening as I was reading Robert Plank's blog.
I did some quick calculations and realized that I need to submit more articles online to get myself closer to my 1000 hits/day goal.
Using your subconscious to your advantage in this way is critical to realizing the kind of goals you want in your life and achieving them.

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