How to Control the Speed of Your Internet Connection

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    • 1). Download and install Traffic Shaper XP (see Resources), a freeware bandwidth limiter for Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server and Windows 2000.

      Once you install it on the computer, go to the “Start” menu and click on “All Programs.” Here, you will find most of the programs installed on your computer, including Traffic Shaper XP. Click Traffic Shaper XP’s shortcut to launch the program.

      Click the “Connect” button so the application connects to your IP address. Then click the “Add Rule Wizard” icon from the toolbar and click “Next.” Click the “Change” button (found on the right side of the Local Endpoint field). You will now see the address properties for the endpoint. Now select the particular IP address for which you want to limit Internet connection speed—for instance

      If you want to maximize the bandwidth rate for any particular IP, go to “Rule Processing page” and enter 10,000 value in the “Limit Speed” field. Now the download speed of the specific IP address will be maximized to 10,000 B/s.

    • 2). Download and install Net Limiter (see Resources). After installing the application, go to the “Start” menu and double-click “Net Limiter” to launch the application. On the application’s window under the "Connections" tab you will see a list of all processes running on the Internet. Next to each process, you will see the “Incoming” (download speed) and “Outgoing” (upload speed), with options to limit them. You can specify the figures. Click “OK” to apply the settings.

    • 3). Download and install Bandwidth Manager, an application similar to Net Limiter, on your PC (see Resources). Go to the “Start” menu and click the “Bandwidth Manager” icon to launch the application. When you open the application after installation, you will find a list of all the current web-based activities. You will find the option to limit the bandwidth of each activity by specifying a figure under “Upload speed” and “Download Speed.” When you’re done, click “OK” and the settings will be applied.


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