3 Problems With Fat Burning Workouts

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While interval training is better than cardio, "generic" interval workouts are not as good as *they* make it out to be.
By *they*, I mean the brand new trainers and generic fitness magazines who don't really know what they are talking about.
In fact, the advice they'll give you can cause a LOT of problems with your interval program -- including the BIG 3 I'm about to share with you...
After all, you're probably already doing some form of these fat-burning workouts, but what kind of RESULTS are you getting? Are you truly enjoying your workouts? And when is the last time you did an interval workout where you thought 'wow, that was really fun'?" Trust me, you CAN have fun, fast, proven, and powerful interval training workouts.
I'll show you how in a second, but first...
The 3 Problems With Interval Training 1) Intervals can stop working if you do the same workout over & over Yes, you MUST switch up your interval program every 4-6 weeks.
If you continue to do the same interval workout, your results will slow down.
So if you're doing intervals and you're stuck at a fat loss plateau, then it is time for a new interval workout.
2) Intervals can be dangerous if you don't know what you are doing Jumping into an advanced interval program on the treadmill or with kettlebells is a bad idea.
That's why you need to start safely.
However, most people don't realize that even beginners can do interval workouts if they get a professionally designed program.
Fortunately, there are beginner interval workouts in the new 31 Interval Training Workouts manual and holiday home fat burning workout package.
3) You don't know what else to do for intervals Okay, great, now you know that you need to do a different interval program every 4 weeks, but what are you to do? Well, the great news is that there are dozens and dozens of ways to do intervals.
You can do the 30-60 method, Adrenaline intervals, Tabatas, and even aerobic intervals (perfect for runners who want fat loss).
There is absolutely no reason you should ever be bored of interval training or wondering what type of intervals you should do next.
With interval workouts you'll have the exact prescription for fast fat loss without cardio.
This is the real deal.
You'll soon be boosting your metabolism with proven, powerful interval training workouts.
I've been using and preaching intervals and body weight exercises for over 13 years now, and having trained thousand of clients - in person and online - I know exactly what works.

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