History of Online Banners

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What is online banner? An online banner refers to a graphic illustration of an advertisement displayed on a website.
This illustration contains animations and graphics with a link to an advertiser's company website.
The main aim of using web or online banner is to draw the potential traffic towards a website.
This is done to promote the business of an organization.
A marketer can create web banner out of multimedia elements or JavaScript program.
These banners can be in the form of image formats like Joint Photographic Experts Group or Graphics Interchange Format.
History of Web Banner: Creating banners has emanated since the ancient times and grown popular in the modern world.
The word 'banner' has been derived from a Latin word 'bandum' which means a cloth used to make flags.
The function of banner is to carry any kind of message.
With the advancement of computer technology banners and their presentation have undergone a drastic change.
The widespread use of Internet has introduced online banners to the people across the globe.
The first click able web advertisement was introduced to the world in 1993.
Later on the banner advertisements were sold to numerous corporate advertisers.
These advertisements were produced and sold in large quantities.
Hot Wired was the first company to introduce the concept of tracing the advertisements through click through rate reports.
It was then in May 1994 the concept of traceable advertisements was introduced.
It was then easy and convenient to measure the effectiveness of online advertisements.
A marketer was not only able to use these web banners but also measure and analyze the results.
Over the years banner advertisement was improved and modified.
Its quality was also enhanced to provide the visual effects and impact the viewers.
This means that you can create an online banner using JavaScript program.
You can also use advanced technologies to create banners like Shock wave or Flash.
These technologies add visual effects to the banners.
The technology has turned so advanced that it has introduced varied banner maker tools.
These tools make the task of designer easy and convenient.
One can create striking banners using beneficial features of these tools.

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