Vemma MLM Tip - 5 Golden Rules to Prospecting

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Stay Emotionally Disconnected With The Outcome
- One person will not determine the outcome of your network marketing success.
If someone says "yes" great! If someone says "not now" fine! If someone says "no" move on! Some people build up their prospects in their mind so BIG that if they say "yes" it is going to make their business and if they say "no" then they quit.
Stay emotionally detached from the outcome.
Their response does not determine your MLM success! 2.
Be Yourself
- Don't try to be something you are not! 3.
Be Enthusiastic
- People buy into enthusiasm.
Enthusiasm is critical while being yourself.
Urgency Is Everything
- If you expose people to the product or opportunity and then wait 2 weeks to follow up the excitement and enthusiasm is gone.
Always set up the next exposure or appointment after your last exposure.
- Never beg! We are not in the begging business.
If you beg you will come off being desperate and people will run the other way.
When you give someone a prospecting tool whether it be a Vemma Voice, CD, or any other tool ask them "If I give you this CD will you listen to it?" If the answer is "yes" ask them when will they listen to it and set up the follow up appointment.
If they say "no" don't give it to them.
Note: Prospecting is a process.
Sometimes it takes 2 to 5 exposures to get a "yes.

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