7 Tips to Tackle Writing an eBook

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Product development is intrinsic to any service-based business, and eBooks are an excellent way to showcase your expertise.
The problem is, lots of us think that we don't have time to write one, and we don't know how to publish it.
So what happens? We make excuses, justify making something else a priority since there is no time to get writing done, and sabotage our success.
Yes, all that's stopping you is your belief that you can't do it! In an effort to help you overcome the excuses in your path to that great book you have in your mind that we are all waiting for, here are some helpful tips to get you on your way!
  1. Make time every day to write! The idea that you have no time to write is completely un-true.
    Clearly, you are finding time for the things keeping you from writing, so you can find time to write as well.
    You can find at least 5 minutes every day to write one sentence.
    Think about it.
    A sentence a day could be a paragraph in a week, and before you know it, you'll be inspired to write more.
  2. If you have writer's block, write it down! Seriously, writing down "I don't know what to write" is actually writing! It can also loosen the mind and free up other thoughts you can write about.
  3. Knowledge trumps writer's block.
    If you don't know what to write, it may be that you don't know what you're writing about.
    Go back to your outline, and make sure you are clear on the goal of your book (why you're writing it) and the theme that all the chapters roll up to.
  4. Share what you know.
    Write what you know, and don't worry about giving away too much.
    In fact, the more great content you share, the more likely your readers are to tell other people to buy your products.
  5. How to publish your book.
    Save whatever method you used to write (Word, Power Point,...
    ) as a PDF file.
    You will need a program like Adobe Acrobat Pro to do it.
    Next, the easiest and fastest way is to have a shopping cart program that allows you to upload electronic products.
    (An eBook is an electronic product.
    ) 1ShoppingCart is one such product.
    It's very expensive (about $99/month) but you walk away with 100% of the profit from your sales.
    Then there are other resources that cost nothing, or are free, but take a commission out of each of your sales.
    Try iAmplify (they take 70% of your sales), and you can also use a service like ClickBank - the idea is you give affiliates a percentage of your profits which gives them incentive to them to post a link to your product on their site.
  6. Don't forget about Kindle and Nook! These are two great resources to get your ebooks published! Some formatting issues may apply that you need to work around.
    Also, you will earn a lot less money than if your book is only sold off your website.
    The maximum price on Amazon for an eBook is $9.
    99 and you only get a fraction of it.
    The updside is a potential larger audience for your work.
    You do the math.
  7. Need an editor? Try Elance.
    and post a job offer, and you will get tons of people wanting to edit your book.
    Or, for a cheaper option, see if you can post a job offer for English majors at your local college or university to edit your book.

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