Sulumits Retsambew - Countdown to the Finish

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With just a little over a month left for the sulumits retsambew contest to end everybody is getting ready for a nail biting finish.
This particular SEO contest has been extremely popular as the interest in the field of search engine optimization has grown over the past few years.
This can be seen by the fact that the contest has been entered in by over a thousand participants and is followed up by thousands more.
As the finish line draws closer the top ranking participants put in their best efforts while spectators look on as to who is going to take the title.
The top ranking entries are battling hard to maintain their spots as each one of them is vying at the stop spot.
One wrong move can have serious negative impacts at this stage of the competition.
Every move up the rankings and every move down can determine the chances of winning and losing for the top five entries.
So far the contest has brought to light some very interesting facts about search engine optimization.
One thing that has been observed is that Google has modified its behavior in 2009.
This is not to say that the previously employed SEO tactics won't work, a lot of them will, in fact most of them will.
But new and additional methods will and have been discovered.
It is only when the difference between the effectiveness of new and old methods is determined that the change in Google's behavior can be understood.
Irrespective of the SEO campaigns that the entrants have outlined for themselves one thing is for sure and that is the fact that this is not the time to be lazy.
Any lagging at this stage can be disastrous as there is very little time left towards the closing date.
Similarly if you have managed to get into the top ten, five or three it would not be such a good idea to experiment with new techniques.
This is because you wouldn't want to risk your position at this stage.
Plus if the technique doesn't work out it will be just a waste of time.
The key to success at this stage of the competition is to stick to what has worked for you and be consistent.
If you can consistently put out fresh, innovative and productive ideas then you can assure yourself a better position at the end of the competition.

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