Create a Grand Opening Event of Fun

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With so much competition, opening a new chain of grocery stores can easily overburden even the most effective CEO.
Though advertising plays a vital role in the success of any grand opening event, establishing a new image by offer customers a chance to have a little fun can be just what a grocery store needs to succeed.
Prize wheels have been gaining the attention of entrepreneurs around the world as an alternative, yet highly effective marketing tool.
How does it work? Simple, by creating an association between one's chain of grocery stores and the fun and excitement of a prize game, consumers will begin to show a level of trust and loyalty that other markets thought impossible.
Of course, holding a successful grand opening event with a prize wheel doesn't have to be difficult.
Many customers will be excited to have the opportunity to spin the wheel and win a prize.
So, here are a few steps to get started on a grand opening event: 1.
Buy some prize wheels.
Ideally, there should be a prize wheel at each new store.
This will establish overall brand awareness within the community as well as give new customers a chance to visit the new store and enjoy a little fun.
Finding a supplier that offer high quality, durable wheels is simply a matter of research.
Online suppliers are the best resources as prize wheels can be shipped directly to the store and easily assembled.
For future use, be sure to buy a wheel of fortune that offers customizable prize wedges and comes with a free template.
With a simple computer and printer, creating new prize wedges is simply a matter of creativity, color, themes and fonts.
The customizable prize wedges will allow the spin to win game to be used for future promotions within the store without the spin to win game looking the same as the grand opening event.
Research the community and your customers.
Opening any business requires a substantial amount of research into the local market.
Asking questions like "What do the people want?" or "How can my grocery store best serve the needs of my customers?" can go a long way in deciding how to use a prize wheel within your target market.
A prize wheel should be used to entice and create a memory of fun and excitement for your customers.
You want them to remember your store via the excitement they felt by being a part of the spin the win gaming.
Decide on prizes.
Perhaps the most appealing prize that can be offered to new customers is the chance to win a shopping spree.
This type of campaign has been proven to be effective regardless of local economy or demographics.
Alternatively, each store can offer a large cash prize.
Giving each paying customer a chance to spin the wheel can generate much-needed excitement at any grand opening event.
Create an atmosphere of fun.
The reason prize wheels are so effective at drawing new customers to a business is that they are so much fun.
With a spin of the wheel, each customer gets a chance to relive the days of amusement parks and carnivals, good times and happy memories.
Isn't that a good image to associate with any business?

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