The Best Chinese Restaurants in Las Vegas

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    P.F. Chang's Vegas

    • Located in close proximity to the popular Hard Rock Hotel, P.F. Chang's has a great reputation when it comes to serving up delicious Chinese food for its loyal customers.

      This high-end Chinese restaurant includes a full menu devoted to the more classic Chinese dishes such as Mandarin chicken served with snow peas, carrots and broccoli.

      For the more exotic tastes of its customers, P.F. Chang's also includes a wide variety of lamb dishes like its wok-seared lamb, which is heavily marinated in a rich sauce and served with scallions and sesame.

      If you can handle a spicier lamb dish, try the Chengdu spiced lamb, which is heavily spiced before being cooked and then is wok-carmelized for an even more flavorful culinary experience.

      P.F. Chang's Vegas
      4165 S. Paradise Road
      Las Vegas NV 89169
      (702) 792-2207

    Chin Chin Cafe

    • The New York New York Hotel is where the Chin Chin Cafe can be found by visiting tourists hungering for great Chinese food that contains no MSG.

      Dishes include the classic shredded chicken salad made with lettuce,scallions and noodles tossed with special red dressing. Some of Chin Chin Cafe's other specialties include a tangerine beef dish that contains marinated beef flank drenched in a succulent sauce made out of tangerine peel and garlic. Or try the BBQ pork that is prepared by stir frying the pork along with a big helping of Chinese broccoli and a special sauce for added flavoring.

      Chin Chin Cafe
      3790 Las Vegas Blvd. South
      Las Vegas NV 89109
      (702) 740-6300

    China Grill Mandalay Bay

    • Another high-quality Chinese restaurant located inside of a Las Vegas hotel, the China Grill calls the Mandalay Bay Hotel its home. This sophisticated and urbane Las Vegas Chinese restaurant features exquisite Chinese dishes such as the Tempura Sashimi, which is served with hot mustard sauce made with champagne for added richness.

      Asian food favorites that China Grill serves up daily includes the grilled Szechuan Beef marinated with sake and featuring shallots and cilantro as the main seasonings. Its famous lamb spareribs are extremely succulent and are cooked with a special plum and sesame glaze that helps this dish stand out above the rest when it comes to unique Chinese flavorings.

      China Grill Mandalay Bay
      3950 Las Vegas Blvd. South
      Las Vegas NV 89119
      (877) 632-7800


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