How to Give a Woman Multiple Orgasms - Make Her Scream With Absolute Pleasure and Beg For More

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Before you can give a woman multiple orgasms, you need to know what she really wants.
All women are different and respond differently to stimulation.
The key is to ask your partner what her fantasies are, and get her talking about what turns her on.
This will then provide you with all the information you need to drive her wild and give her multiple orgasms.
Let us look at a few tips that you can use to help get her in the mood; Get her in the right mood It cannot be stated enough that you must have your partner fully aroused and in the mood if she is to achieve orgasms.
This is why a lot of time should be spent on foreplay.
Make sure she is relaxed mentally as well as physically before you proceed.
Have a warm shower together Having a shower together can be a great way to get her in the mood.
Take the time to wash her body all over, and create an electric atmosphere.
She can close her eyes while you explore her body with your hands.
Massage her Giving a full body massage is a good way to get your woman relaxed physically.
You can further enhance this by using scented oils.
When massaging your partner, take your time around the shoulders, lower back, and behind the thighs.
These are areas which provide a pleasurable sensation for most women.
Role playing Find out what scenario would turn your partner on, and then enact this for her.
You can also dress up as different professions, like a fireman, nurse or teacher.
By playing out her fantasy, she will achieve strong orgasms.
Once she is totally relaxed, any sexual activity will be extremely sensual to her and this will allow woman to have multiple orgasms.

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