Where to Place your Leaflet Holders

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When it comes to placing leaflet or brochure holders in your business, there is no exact science on the matter and there is also no guarantee that customers will pay any attention to the ads being held by your holders. You can however, find the best places in which are more likely to catch the most attention from the customers and ensure that people are at least able to see what it is that you're trying to display. You can do this by choosing your placements carefully. Because each place of business will have a different layout, they will need to have the holders in different locations.
You should fully analyze your place of business and make a well-thought out decision as to where the holders would do best. If your place of business is one that receives many clients or customers, then you would do very good to place your holders throughout the building where customers are more likely to see them. Here are some good places that you can put your holders where they will likely get the most attention.
1. Near or in restrooms- Customers will almost always use the restroom while they are in your establishment. This is especially true if you run a store or restaurant. By putting the holders near restrooms or even on the backside of stall doors, you will be getting a good amount of people viewing the leaflets.
2. Near exit or entry doors- It does not matter what type of business you have, when you place the leaflet holders near the exit and entry doors, customers will be sure to see them when they come or go.
3. Near registers or help desks- If you have registers in your business, this is a great place to put the holders as people will be able to read them while they are waiting in line to pay for their merchandise. If you do not have registers, then placing them on or near help desks can have the same effect.
4. On bars, tables or counter-tops- Restaurants and bars have an advantage to using leaflet holders as there is plenty of counter and table-top space to place the holders. Customers will see the holders that are placed on their dining tables or on the bar high top counters.
No matter where you decide to put your leaflet holders, the placement is going to determine the amount of efficiency that you get from them. It is important that you pay close attention to where you are placing them and as to whether they are effective in those locations or not. You may have to move them around a bit in order to find the most effective places for them especially, if you realize that they are not getting enough attention.


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