About Selling Articles

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    Common Article Buyers

    • There are a variety of places to sell articles that you have written. Some Internet marketers are looking for PLR articles (Private Label Rights articles). They seek batches of cheap, unique articles that may not be the best when it comes to quality but draw search traffic and bring people into their sites.

      Sites such as Associated Content and Helium also buy articles from time to time from authors, but the pay is pretty low and . sometimes you may be offered nothing. However, they do offer ongoing residuals for articles that receive a certain number of views.

      Finally, you can also sell high-quality Internet articles at a higher rate to certain customers who value a good product. These customers are hard to come across, but when you find someone who is looking for high-quality articles, you can be paid as much as $25 to $100 per 500-word article or even more, depending on your experience level.


    • There are a variety of positives to writing and selling articles online. For one, you can supplement your income with article sales. Also, when you build an online portfolio of articles and build a client base, you increase the chance that you can attract more lucrative clients and develop your writing into a full-time career. Finally, and possibly most important, you tend to learn a variety of subjects when writing and selling articles due to the research required for some article writing projects. It's a valuable education.


    • There are several downsides to selling articles online. For one, the Internet is a hotbed for scams, so you have to be careful. There are plenty of article "buyers" who will ask you for your articles upfront but never pay for them. Also, you will come across many people who don't want to pay you a reasonable rate for your writing. You have to decide for yourself what your time and work is worth. Finally, when you sell articles online, there is a chance that someone may plagiarize your material and pass it off as their own. You have to keep accurate records, and possibly copyright your best articles to protect them from being stolen.

    A Note on Selling Newspaper Articles

    • Some writers like to shoot for the stars. They are wondering how they can go about selling articles to newspapers and magazines, rather than the standard online outlets. Now that most newspapers and other publications are online, it is easier to submit your work. Writing a story or piece that has great reader interest is the most important factor in getting it sold to a newspaper, and quality is also important. If you are a quality writer with a story of real interest, the more queries you make, the higher the likelihood that it will be picked up and paid for by a major news publication.

    Expert Insight

    • If you are serious about selling articles, you have to be persistent. There are many other writers on the market who are just as aggressively looking to sell their content. The best content is unique, newsworthy and timely. You may have to start small, but as time goes on you may find that your clientele will begin to offer higher rates for your work. It all depends on your work ethic, your willingness to learn and grow, and your business acumen when it comes to attracting new customers and dealing with your current ones.


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