Ask America why there are TWO Koreas fighting and killing!

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Ask America why there are TWO Koreas Fighting and Killing!

By YoonOk Kim

Do you know why we have two Koreas~~~North Korea and South Korea?

As a South Korean national living in America~~~and a citizen of our mother earth, my dream is to see 'No more wars' and 'No more war weapon companies'.  We all are here to be loved and to love. Everyone wants to be happy, peace and healing. But, we are in a constant state of war in the massive killing of innocent people~~~ having countless expenses on war and the military.

I am saddened by the fact that North Korea and South Korea have endless conflict and fighting~~~and the war still continues~~~and the killing still continues over 60 years. 

Do you know how we have two Koreas?

I would like to take all of you to the year~~~1945!

The 36 years of the Japanese Occupation of Korea (1910-1945) impacted on Korea very negatively and brutally.  As Koreans, it was very difficult to survive. Thousands of Koreans, including several members of my extended family, were raped, tortured and slaughtered by the Japanese until America ended the war with the dropping of the two atomic bombs.

Japanese settlers residing in Korea called my father and our family "Poop Race" or "Sub-Human"~~~ without regret, they can slice live human beings while victims are still alive and screaming.

 ~~~ without admission of guilt, Japanese justify these brutal actions of murdering and slaughtering by labeling those they torture and kill as "Sub-Human".

~~~ without sorrow, Japanese can call live human body as ‘LOGs' to depersonalize the victims.

~~~ without fear of reprisal, Japanese can cut live human body to conduct live-body experiments administered by Unit 731, Japan's Biological War Crimes & Human Experiments.

~~~ without guilt, Japanese can kidnap young girls and use as sex-slaves forcing 15 to over fifty Heavenly Emperor's soldiers per day.

~~~ without being sorry, Japanese can—and are entitled to—murder young girls after kidnapped, raped and beating them death while forcing to be sex-slaves, but Heavenly people have NO mercy for the merciless acts towards other human beings.

On August 6 and August 9, 1945, the Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were dropped!

On Aug 15, 1945, Japanese finally announced unconditional surrender.  

~~~~~~No more atrocities of innocent Korean people. ~~~No more burning houses with people inside. ~~~No more cutting live people's body. ~~~No more using young Korean males for human bullet barricades. ~~~No more young Korean females were used for Comfort Women as sex slaves for Japanese soldiers.

Korean people were hugging each other and screaming for "Korean Independence".

Korean people shouted and wept for JOY.

Korean people run around the villages with the Korean flags.  My grandma told me~~~she was there crying and hugging for JOY ~~~my father was there crying and hugging for "Korean Independence"!

But, this joy for Koreans did not last long. Why?  Ask America!

On August 17, 1945~~~ two days after Japan's unconditional surrender, General Order No. 1-- Douglas MacArthur made an announcement, which was prepared by the Joint Chiefs of Staff of U.S. military forces and approved by the President of the United States:

 "Korea north of 38° north latitude and Karafuto shall surrender to the Commander in Chief of Soviet Forces in the Far East.... Korea south of 38° north latitude and the Philippines shall surrender to the Commander in Chief, U. S. Army Forces in the Pacific."

It's obvious why Korean people would get upset at this division announcement~~~causing civil wars widely with the goal of reunification!

In school we are taught that the North Koreans invaded South Korea on June 25, 1950, without US knowledge of the event.  The US then became involved with the dispute on the 29th. 

Ironically, some researchers, such as Bruce Cumings, raised many questions about the timing of  America's involvement by showing "war plan known as SL-17" dated during the week of June 19, 1950~~~even before Korea War on June 25, 1950.   

This division without Koreans' involvement resolved the Korean "conflict".  Thousands of Chinese and American soldiers died in addition to the countless Koreans casualties in order for this division to be made possible. After having prolonged treacherous fighting for three years and one month, it "ended" on July 27, 1953 without the signing of a peace treaty.

* * *

Why we are two—still crying and still bleeding?

When I grew up in Korea~~~what we have learned in the past about two Koreas from school and media---this division was decided from the Potsdam Conference.  Contrary to our common knowledge, there was NO formal discussion or agreement of Korea being two!


After having a near-death experience from my brain aneurysm rupture, I started looking into our history ~~~I researched and read critically from the research papers and historical text books word~~~by word and line by line. 

What I found~~~the Potsdam Conference never discussed about Korea being halved. 

Even if history text stated that upon Japanese unconditional surrender, an agreement was reached between the United States and the Soviet Union at the Potsdam Conference for the division of Korea.  Also, according to the New York Times in October 1946, this agreement was made at the Potsdam Conference. I researched and examined the documentations related to the Potsdam conference, and I read line by line to see if there was any evidence of Korean Division. But, there was none…I could not find any agreement about Korea being halved.

In my research, the Institute of Pacific Relations published a categorical statement in June 1946 that this agreement had been made at Yalta Conference. I looked the documentations related to the Yalta conference, but I could not find any information about Korea being halved.

There was no formal discussion of the agreement reached between the United States and the Soviet Union to split the Korea.

No documentation!

No formal discussion!

How come we have become two Koreas?

So many unanswered questions~~~

Unlike Germany, why one Korea had to become two Koreas?  Why not TWO Japans?

How come General Order No. 1-- Douglas MacArthur made that announcement?

Who was behind General Order No. 1-- Douglas MacArthur?

Does history text telling untruth?

Who is behind all these?

Do you know What about now?

So many strange things happening in South Korea~~~in relation to North Korea! 

So many truths have been ignored in our history!

Based on my research, before America dropped two A-bombs, Japan already developed and advanced nuclear weapons in two different nuclear centers: one was in Yoshio Nishina's laboratory at Riken, Japan and the other was in Konan, N. Korea, (now called Hungnam).  Japan used forced Korean labors to dig and process uranium to make nuclear weapons when Japan was looking for any means to win the war over America. 

This revelation started from the journalist David Snell's article in The Atlanta Constitution, "Japan Developed Atom Bomb; Russia Grabbed Scientists", which was published on Oct. 3 1946.The truth need to come out! Before America dropped two A-bombs, Japan already developed and advanced nuclear weapons in two different nuclear centers, one in Japan, and the other in Hamhung, N. Korea. Japan used forced Korean labors to dig and process uranium to make nuclear weapons when Japan was looking for any means to win the war over America. If you would like to get further information, search for Robert K. Wilcox, the author of Japan's Secret War and the journalist David Snell.

Robert K. Wilcox, the author of Japan's Secret War, dug out of the National Archives and showed a clear pattern of frantic wartime expenditures made by Japanese. Mr. Wilcox explained the story of Japan's quest for the atomic bomb and provided credible background along with relevant references to substantiate it. In addition, this book showed Japan's attempts to build uranium separators and plans by the Japanese armed forces to use atomic weapons if the scientists finished them in time.

Even if most researchers and scholars agree its development and existence, most scholars dispute over whether the test was really successful or how big the size was, and how many were involved in making.

For me, it matters for its development and existence no matter the size!   Since Stalin was ready to invade Korea to get to the site of the atomic bomb project and their technicians at no cost to Russia, I believe that Japan's nuclear weapon center and uranium deposit played significant roles to become two Koreas. 

The truth needs to come out, and it's our right to know the truth!   

 American military was/is involved heavily in all aspects of the current (and past) Korean situation since dropping two A-bombs in Japan in 1945.

Would you happen to know there are over 106 American military sites in S. Korea out of 823 military bases across 39 foreign countries? Consider the size of South Korea is in an area of 98,480 square kilometers (38,023 square miles)--slightly larger than the state of Indiana. So, American military sites all over in S. Korea!

Upon Japan's unconditional surrender in 1945, without Koreans' participation, America made an announcement of the division North Korea and South Korea.

Thus, I demand that America need to answer why there are TWO Koreas fighting and killing!

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