Space India Gives 2 Bhk In Panvel At Affordable Rates

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Luxury segment is flourishing in India while the housing segment for the middle income group. Many of the builders are also not worried about them as luxury segment would probably bring them higher returns. Then who cares about the middle income group. Can you find a builder who is concentrating mainly on affordable homes? Do you want to buy an affordable 2 BHK in Panvel or any other nearby areas to Mumbai?

Those who are working in Mumbai may find it impossible to acquire a home in the city. So the best thing they can do is seek a home in the outskirts of the city where they may find some suitable homes. Yet you are not interested, why? You are scared that you may have to spend hours and hours for commuting to the city. You are worried of the quality of the project as well. You are right but not with the projects of Space India.

The builders are always aiming at the satisfaction of their clients and so they never develop any projects of lower quality. You can see that they have offered suitable 3 BHK in Panvel at rates which are affordable to any middle class man. They always work with a motto of providing space for every dream and this is how they provide space for all who dream.

I do not ask you to take the decision all on a sudden. You take enough time and think carefully. One thing I am sure that if you ask anyone in the Panvel region or Mumbai, you will realize that Space India is one of the best real estate developers in the area who provides better homes at affordable prices. Your homes are not characterized with affordability alone, but rather they hold necessary number of amenities as well.

Foreseeing the growth of Panvel, the builders have acquired a good land bank in the area. They will be able to deliver better homes at affordable prices in this area. Moreover you must notice that within some four to five years time, Panvel will be turning out to be a good city which provides ample job opportunities to all. So this is the right time for you to acquire a 3 or 2 BHK in Panvel.They would not be interested to buy smaller homes but bigger and spacious homes like this.


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