Access Self-Taught Knowledge From Other People

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Have you tried to get some information from people? As a self-taught person trying to gain more knowledge the new information will need to come from other people.
Sometimes it will be hard because they will refuse to share their knowledge and will be rude.
They will not give in to share with you a portion of their knowledge.
But other times it will be easy because the person or people will freely tell you what you want to know based on the knowledge they have acquired.
Do not be shy get ready, get set, and go get some knowledge.
Access knowledge tip 1: Ask yourself, "What do I want to know?" If you really want to get access to other peoples knowledge then you will need to know what details to find so that you can prepare your questions properly.
Know beforehand exactly what you want to ask.
Being unprepared will lead you to getting no answers and no results.
Access knowledge tip 2: Create an outline of what you want to learn.
This will give you the confidence to be serious about what you are trying to do and get.
If at an time you start to stutter, fumble, or act unprepared then you have lost the person with all the answers.
As soon as this happens it is time to go back to square one and prepare some more.
Access knowledge tip 3: Group all like data together.
Take all the data you have got so far and organize it in a easy flow manner so that it can be read and understood.
All that information needs to make since to you because if you get confused then that could be all she wrote.
It is very important that you grasp this point before moving on to the next.
Access knowledge tip 4: Separate all groups.
Having everything divided into groups will help you remember the content easier.
Your brain will be able to process the data so that you can present in an understandable way.
If there is anything lacking then you will be regrettably disappointed.
Access knowledge tip 5: Find the right people and resources.
Gathering, organizing, and planning will be of no avail if you do not have anyone to interview.
Look around at work, library, newsgroups, forums, Facebook, MySpace, and other online resources to locate the best candidates.
Access knowledge tip 6: Ask the prepared questions.
Stay calm, cool and collective during the interview.
Practice on people you know to get the jist of it.
Then you can practice on others that you do not know so well.
That will help build confidence and if you flop then it want hurt so bad.
Now it is time to prepare, find, and interview those people that will tell you anything they know, nothing will be held back, and no secrets are withheld.
Be careful because you can be your worst enemy or best friend.
Never give up! Keep on trying until you get it right.
No excuses only working through the failures to learn what not to do.

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