What Kinds Of Jewelry Clasps Are Out There

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When making a jewelry piece such as a necklace or bracelet, it is very important to include a jewelry clasp in its creation as it is these elements that help fasten the two ends together. These days, there are a number of different types of clasps available. The ones you choose to include in your creations depend on whether you are looking for just a functional element or one that serves functionality as well as style. There are simple jewelry clasps available which just help fasten the two ends together. But the more intricate ones are often used to add style to the jewelry piece and make them fashionable. Therefore, the choice depends on what you are looking to achieve. In this article, we will look at some of the main types of jewelry clasps available for you to consider.

Lobster clasp - these jewelry clasps are suitable for a range of jewelry items. However, they are not a good choice for people suffering from arthritis. Even if you are looking to create a tighter bracelet of the hands, then these should not be used as they can break easily. They are the perfect choice for button and charm bracelets as well as all sorts of necklaces.

Toggle clasp - when it comes to functionality, they are easier to work with then lobster clasps and they are also fancier so they can be used to make the piece a little more fashionable. Toggle clasps are available in a variety of shapes and sizes such as triangles, hearts and so on. Because they are available in different shapes and sizes, it is easier to choose a clasp that matches with your creation. For example, if you have included heart shaped charms or beads in your bracelet, then you can choose heart shaped toggle clasps to complement your jewelry piece.

Buttons - if you are really looking to give your creation a customized look, then you can choose buttons as clasps. Buttons make lovely clasps and they can be used with shanks or holes. Since buttons are made of different materials such as plastic, metal and ceramics, you can choose one that best suits your jewelry piece. However, it is essential that you use a wider button as clasps since they are easy to fasten and unfasten.

Magnetic clasps - these are a great option for all types of jewelry items. These jewelry clasps are also easy to use. But if you are looking to create a delicate jewelry piece, then these may not be the right choice because magnets tend to be powerful and they can easily pull the jewelry apart when fastening or unfastening them.

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