Online Media Marketing - Top 3 Tools for Internet Success

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Online media marketing is the use of web media to drive traffic to your business and sell your products or services. Being able to use internet media is vital because of the amount of people you can reach, and because the methods are often free.

Social media marketing

Using social media has become popular over the last five years. 1 in 14 people on the planet now have a Facebook account. From a business perspective this is an incredible fact. You will want to create a profile on the big social media sites like Facebook, twitter and MySpace. Take time doing the initial set up, add photos of yourself and a long bio description. You can also put in a link to your blog or landing page.

After you have finished your profile you can start with adding friends. This is long and boring but in the long run it is highly effective. You should have at least 5,000 friends on each account after a few months. Once you have a substantial presence with the main three social media sites, don't be afraid to start building profiles on other less well known sites.

Article marketing

Using articles to promote your online marketing business can be a very powerful traffic generator. It can also be completely useless if you don't do it right. First of all you need to do effective keyword research. Use the Google keyword tool and type in a general phrase from your niche. You should get a hundred related phrases. You want to find the ones that have high monthly searches (anything above 1,000) and low competition.

You can now write an article for each keyword phrase in your list. Put your keyword phrase in the title and 2 or 3 times in the body content. You also want to throw in some related keywords. Your article will also have a link to your landing page or blog. It will start to rank on Google and drive traffic to your internet marketing opportunity.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is another fairly new form of online media marketing. It's now incredibly popular but it's still not being taken advantage of by many home business owners. Don't be afraid to get in front of the camera, when you've made one you'll be able to make 100.

Try to create a video for every article you make. Use the same keyword phrase in the title and the same content. When you post your video to the major video sites, link it to the corresponding article with the same title. This builds a web of backlinking between all of your media. The search engines already love video, but with good backlinking you will rank even higher.

online media marketing is where any "newbie" should start off. It takes time and effort to set up but 6 months to a year down the line you'll start to see huge results. Remember this won't happen over night, you need to have patience and allow your work to flourish.


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