Quick and Easy Steps to Start a Business Website Using Joomla

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You know how so many people seem to be perplexed by the various parts involved in having an ecommerce website? Some are afraid for you to even start because of the confusing idea of building a storefront.

If you are not used to the concept of having a website you might not know where to start, so here could be the fundamentals in plain English:

Web Domain:
If you came to this article, you most likely already know the importance of a domain on the WWW. Get yourself a domain name first. That is like a plaque or a sign that you would put on the front of your property or your shop in fact it is the address that you give to your customers and friends showing off your business. You can shift it around, so if you move home you can take the identify with you. There are lots of places to get your domain name, and it is a good idea to register a name that demonstrates you or your business. Click here to find out about the best domain registration services that can suit your need.

Web hosting:
Next, you'll want to buy some web room so you can get the site online showing to people. There are many web hosting companies, all with different plus and subtracting points so shop around! The net space is like the building you place your name on. The size of the room you need will depend on several factors, mainly the kinds of things you desire to put in your display lanes in the shop.

Your e-Commerce Website:
Once you've your domain name and a web hosting, you'll want to build your website. A website is your shop with ‘display aisles’ in it. Guests can browse through the lanes in your shop. In most cases, the site will have an entrance hall - some kind of navigation hinting what rooms there are. A few of the display aisles will have pantry shelves inside them, containing goodies of their own. The aisles are actually directories or directories and the items will be things like the images employed to make up the visuals used on your internet site, the styling information files, any video or songs you want to have, Flash documents and of course, the pages themselves.
Usually, each aisle or cabinet should have a map on the wall membrane somewhere, giving you quick access to the other rooms.

One of the easiest way to build your website now is to get a CMS such as Joomla to help you easily manage your content. Joomla ! is free. Joomla has some of the biggest collection of free templates on the Internet. You can find and download joomla template [http://www.downloadjoomlatemplate.com] quite easily. The next thing you'll need is a shopping cart that works along with Joomla. An extension of Joomla called Virtuemart is all you need installed and you are ready to go.

Okay may possibly not be as easy to it sounds. However, if you get the right kind of web hosting, you can get Joomla running in just one click.

So what kind of web hosting do you need? A business website generally needs bigger than average diskspace safe-keeping and at least 99% server uptime. You are advised to find a web host that have huge hard drive storage, reliable server, and supports free Joomla installer such as Fantastico or InstallCentral. The best and also most affordable web host we can recommend will be Hostgator. It offers many advantags.

Let me tell you a little secret. You can get your Joomla e-commerce site today because you only need $0.01 to try Joomla on Hostgator. This special web hosting offer can be had using the coupon code ECOMMERCEHOSTING. Don’t forget to do research with regard to "Hostgator sucks" on Google to see if any buyer hate their service - there are very few of those and surprisingly not many negative reviews about them to be honest, and this is after considering the millions of customers they have. So what is the catch? You need to purchase a domain - they do not give this for free.


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