Have Your Sales Hit the Wall of No Return?

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Are your sales down? Are you thinking that you hit the wall of no-return in your ongoing goal to increase sales? Maybe you are not taking the right actions to scale over that wall.
With the economy slowing due to higher fuel and money costs, I have listened to many in sales believing that their goal to increase sales has hit what I call the Wall of No Return.
These motion and activity driven sales professionals appear to succumb to not only a lot of negative self talk, but are also confusing motion with progress and activity with results.
Think back to your most recent networking event.
  • How many business cards did you collect?
  • How many sales leads did you secure?
  • What did you do with those business cards?
  • What did you do with all those sales leads?
  • Did you contact everyone?
  • Or did you contact one or two?
What were the results of all this motion and activity? A recent survey by the National Sales Executive Association suggested that 48% of all sales people never follow-up with a prospect.
This same survey showed that only 2% of all sales are made during the first or initial contact.
Additionally research from national marketing firms indicate that you need to connect with your prospects at least one time a month just for them to remember who you are.
If you want your small business name to be the first one that they associate for:
  • Insurance
  • Banking
  • Financial Planning
  • Legal Services
  • Medical Services
  • Business Coaching Training Services
  • Web Design
You must connect with these individuals at least 3 times each month.
Multiple contacts can be through:
  • Face to face business networking events
  • Direct mail
  • Emails
  • Telephone calls
Sales Coaching Tip: Design some postcards and mail them within 24 hours of meeting someone new.
Learn what their needs are then send them a series of direct mail postcards that address that need.
Sure this takes time, a little money, but you are touching your prospect far often than most businesses.
You become what I call the Red Jacket in the Sea of Gray Suits.
Remember, making a sale is hard if you never taken the initial action of following up with the prospect.
Be the one of the two professional sales people who leverage their sales skills to follow-up with that prospect.
Your goal to increase sales will be realized because you have shown up and now have climbed over that Wall of No Return.

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