How to Adjust Skagen Watches

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    • 1). Place your Skagen watch on a jewelry cloth. If you do not own a jewelry cloth, any soft cloth surface will suffice so long as it is not abrasive.

    • 2). Pull the band's safety clasp open using your fingernail.

    • 3). Pull the solid flat clasp back in the opposite direction of the safety clasp. If done correctly, they should both move freely in opposite directions, much like a French door.

    • 4). Place your jeweler's screwdriver in the clasp slot and lift the bar in the direction facing away from the straight pin. Do not apply pressure to the straight pen or you may bend it.

    • 5). Shift the buckle along the band to either shorten or lengthen the band. Once the desired dimensions are attained, make sure that the clasp is set firmly in an indentation in the band.

    • 6). Using your jeweler's screwdriver, press the slotted clasp closed.

    • 7). Place your Skagen watch on your wrist and ensure that the watch fits as it should. Perform further adjustments as necessary.


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