In Need Of Weight Loss Motivation

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Are you in need of weight loss motivation? You know the kind of thing that I mean - when the pounds start dropping off slower and slower? Perhaps your weight loss ambitions have even "hit the wall?"

Well I know how that can feel! I've experienced that and I came out the other side too.

What you need is something to motivate you into pushing on to the next stage.

Weight loss motivation can take many forms. I'm sure that there are numerous tips and techniques out there - but how do you know which ones work?

Well I dropped four and a half stone over a fifteen month period using some simple tips and tricks that I discovered worked well for me and, used properly, they will work for you too.

Tip 1.

Weight loss motivation is all about desire. Sure, willpower plays its part, but you have to know what you want to achieve. How badly do you want to get that body-shape? What is your desired weight? How badly do you want to get to the perfect weight rather than sitting on the sofa eating pizza and watching the "fat-making machine" sitting looking back at you? Write down your goals and the reasons behind them. As you think of new reasons add them to the list. This list never ends, believe me. Every day read it - why not put it on the fridge door? As you reach each stage of your desired weight loss it will really motivate you further.

Tip 2.

Set yourself achievable targets. Let's be honest with each other - you don't just lose four and a half stone overnight! It has to be gradual. Not just because that's the way it is but, that it's the way it has to be. You are talking about your health and that is what stays with you always. Remember the adage "slowly, slowly, catchy monkey". As you reach each stage tick them off. The benefit of this is that you will inspire yourself as you see your progress.

Tip 3.

Give your weight loss motivation a tangible boost by promising yourself "treats" as you reach your goals. This could be a week-end away, a relaxed meal with a loved one or perhaps some new clothes. These treats don't have to be expensive things but they really can be useful as "pats on the back" as those "pounds round the belly" drop away!

Tip 4.

Keep a weight loss picture diary. Take a photograph of yourself at the start of your journey and then take regular photo's as the pounds disappear. The benefit of this is that you will always be able to refer to the way you were as opposed to the way you will look once you have dropped the weight you desire. I found that this helped when I had those "dark" moments when I fancied a few pints and a pizza. Nothing stopped me better than looking at the "fat" bloke in the photographs. Don't imagine me as some kind of narcissist either! Nothing could be further from the truth. With three kids and a wife in the household there was no time for that, believe you me. It wasn't unusual to see moustaches and curly wigs on my "motivation" pictures scattered around the "danger" points in the house. For example-fridge door, crisp cupboard and "that little spot for the wine bottles in the corner of the kitchen!"

Tip 5.

As soon as the weight starts to drop away get rid of your "fat wardrobe". If you start losing weight then why keep the clothes you used to wear? Are you expecting to wear them again? That would mean putting the weight back on again. Weight loss motivation is just that - keep yourself motivated by changing from the person you didn't like and replace it with the new shape you.

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