Excel Tip - How To Easily Move A Pivot Table Or Pivot Chart

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This article will take you through how to quickly and easily move a Pivot Table and Chart either around your current work sheet or to a new work sheet in Excel.
Once you have created your Pivot in Excel, you may decide to move it to an entirely new work sheet, or to a different location within the same work book to enable you to rearrange a dashboard or add and delete columns or rows.
It is also sometimes easier to work on a Pivot on a separate sheet then move it to where you finally want it to be placed once you have finished working on it.
Selecting a Pivot table manually by highlighting it with the mouse or keyboard is easy for small tables, but if it is large then it is easier to use the built in Ribbon command to do this for you.
To use the built command -
  • Click anywhere on your Pivot Table you have already created
  • On the Options Tab - In Actions Group - Click Move Pivot Table
  • The Move Pivot Table Dialog box will be displayed at this stage
  • You now have the option now to choose where you want to put your Pivot Table
  • Choose to move your table to a new worksheet by selecting new worksheet - this will place your table in cell A1 on your new worksheet
  • To move the table within the current worksheet select existing worksheet and type the first cell in the range of cells you want your table to sit
  • You can also collapse the dialog box and click on the first cell in the range of cells you want the table to start.
  • Boom! Your Pivot Table has now been moved.
You can also easily move a Pivot Chart really easily with a Ribbon command.
  • Click anywhere on your Chart
  • The Pivot Chart Tools which in Excel 2010 should default to the Design tab
  • To the right of Chart Styles is Location and Move Chart Option
  • The move Chart Dialog Box will appear
  • Here is where you choose to move your chart to
  • Select New Sheet if you want it moved to a brand new work sheet
  • Or select to move it As An Object In and use the drop down box to select where to place your chart, there will be a list of sheets in your work book
  • Hit OK to confirm
  • Job Done!

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