How to Train Dogs to Be Trick Wounded

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    • 1). Stand in front of your dog with a clicker in one hand and a treat in the other. Your dog should be sitting in front of you. Guide your dog to the down position and then click and open your hand to give your dog the treat.

    • 2). Use the treat to lure the dog over to its side, making sure to keep the treat near its nose. Move the treat from your dog's nose and over its shoulder so that it swivels its head to the side. Once in the proper position, click and reward.

    • 3). Lure your dog down using the treat and then over to its side keeping the treat near its nose and then bring it over its shoulder. Click and reward.

    • 4). Add the verbal cue word of your choice, such as, "Bang". Choose a word and stick with it to avoid confusing your dog. Say, "Bang" (or the word of your choice) then connect the previous steps using the treat. Guide your dog to the down position then roll over on its side. Once the dog is on its side, with its head lying flat, click and reward.

    • 5). Continue saying the cue word while guiding your dog to the down and over position. Once it is in the proper position, use the clicker. But use the treat as a reward every other time and then slowly fade the treat out.

    • 6). Form a gun with your hand and point it at your dog while using the cue word, "Bang". As with the cue word, it's important to stick with the same hand signal as not to confuse your dog. It will then lie down and roll over and once in the correct position, click and reward. Continue to reward at random but use the clicker each time to form the correct behavior.

    • 7). Repeat the behavior using the hand signal and cue word but only use the clicker and treat every fifth time or so. The point is to gradually fade out the use of the clicker and treat so that your dog relies on the verbal cue and hand signal instead of the reward.


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