Dog Training - A Few Easy Steps to Do

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Have you ever seen the 100m final races in Olympics? If you, you must know the efforts that are needed to run in that race.
It is not a simple task.
For this the most competent athletes take part in these.
Well, this is just an example.
The same effort is needed even in dog training.
Yes this is true and is neither dreaming nor talking nonsense.
If you have a dog you shall have to train it and for that you shall have to commit yourself.
The dogs have been one of the best domestic animals in the human civilization.
But these animals live in packs and as a result have some traits of wildness in their natures.
This often makes the situation for the owners problematic.
For all these you shall have to train it.
From the very beginning you shall have to keep in mind that the dogs live in groups.
In these groups the leaders happen to be highly esteemed.
In any group he is last word and the other dogs go around in accordance with his direction.
Even only when the leader ends his own eating, others are allowed to eat.
This, in due course, makes the others bow before the leader.
You shall also have to be the same leader right from day one.
Through this you shall have to earn the dedication, loyalty of the dog.
But you should also be affectionate.
The reason is that strict training often makes dogs arrogant and aggressive.
It simply jeopardizes the training.
So be careful.
Along with this there are several other easy steps to train a dog.
But before imparting the training you shall have to a make a discipline.
This discipline will make it possible for you to take up the best measures.
The first of these should be the health concerns.
Have a consultation with the physician and apply best medicines for checking excessive urination.
These systematic processes will ender it a good comfort and establish the first basis of a good coordination between you two.
As a part of the training keep your dog in a \"down\" position for a few minutes on each day.
It is always better if you can arrange some huge rings.
If the dogs can slip through these, it will be great.
There is a great need of a perfect routine and it seems that the dogs have great crazes for these.
Now why is this concept of routine emphasized so much? The reason is it involves the mealtime.
It\'s always better to feed the dog for two times a day and there should be an hour window each time.
You may not believe but the dogs are emotional.
Hence if there is ever any time lag it may infuriate the dog.
For this keep an eye on its emotions and gauge its reactions.
This will help you to ease the relation.
Grooming is also necessary.
The daily execution of grooming strengthens a loving relationship between the dog and the owner.
Impart obedience training daily but not in a military commando approach.

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