Wooden and Metal Climbing Frames - The Difference

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You may have seen in pub gardens that these wooden climbing frames are often rich in new features that are on increase with every passing day and sometimes it becomes difficult for parents to choose from them.
The availability of most of these features depend on their price, but even some low priced wooden frames a lot more fun than your children can find in gaming consoles or in some TV program.
Windy slides, climbing ropes, wooden swings, wooden bridges, sandpits and raised platforms are some activities that can often be seen in these wooden climbing frames.
The towers that are used to integrate all these activities have been approved by the European Safety standards.
When a climbing frame is placed in some garden, usually two or more people come to assemble, as they can ensure safety and easily build it wherever it is required to assemble.
You must measure your garden space before purchasing these frames.
Usually, they are made in similar sizes that are suitable to small as well as big gardens.
The thing that you must remember is to consider the area all around the edge to ensure safety and access for the edge area is around 1.
5m and for behind ropes and swings is 2.
Before assembling the different parts of the climbing frame are available in flat packs and there are already galvanized bolts and holes in them.
The assembling can be completed only in two to three hours and good light and a few tools are required for it.
For their assembling, instructions are provided in a well detailed way, but they are quite easy to follow.
The structure should be erected at flat ground without any sharp objects, dirt or rubble.
It is best to ground the structure at grassy area.
When it's about choosing outdoor activities and toys for children, safety is a big concern and most of the parents look quite conscious about it.
Most of these wooden climbing frames are available with ten years warranty and aside from providing healthy activities to your kids; they also meet the highest safety standard.

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