Could Hypothyroidism Be Affecting Your Weight?

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An uncommon condition called hypothyroidism could be affecting your weight.
Have you noticed an unexplainable weight gain? What about an overall feeling of increased tiredness? You may be one of the .
5 percent of Americans affected by an under active thyroid.
How can this situation be controlled so your body can function normally? The thyroid is an important gland in your body.
It secretes two hormones called T3 and T4, which regulate your body's metabolism and temperature.
This ailment is more prevalent in women than men.
It is recommended that everyone has a TSH blood test after the age of 35 to make sure this significant gland is functioning properly.
If the blood test shows a problem, then medication will have to be given to replace the loss hormones.
The most widely used medicine for this illness is called Synthroid.
Synthroid will have to be taken for the remainder of your life and the dosage might have to be altered in the future.
Side effects are usually minimal and the majority of patients do very well on this drug.
Besides, there is really no alternative because the body must have the proper levels of the thyroid hormones to survive.
Once treatment has started and the body is regulated, weight loss can be accomplished as well as any individual.
Weight loss may appear a little slower but with persistence, you will lose the extra pounds.
Stick to your diet goals using proper nutrition and exercise.
It is important to keep regular doctor appointments for monitoring of TSH.
Make sure you confide in the doctor about your weight loss plan so he is aware and will not think your medication needs to be altered.
Having an under active thyroid is not the end of the world and you will lead a normal life without restrictions.
You can be as thin and shapely as you desire and this condition should not be used as a crutch or an excuse to be obese.
I have personally had a few patients in my office resort to this justification and I immediately squash their defense they have for being overweight.
Does the patient like to hear my response? Of course not! It gives them no excuse to hide behind and their weight is no longer justified to themselves.
Having a crutch is a way for people to explain failure in their eyes or to anyone else.
So lets stop the pity party and get down to the serious business of losing weight and living a healthier and longer life.

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