How To Find The Best International Calling Card?

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International calling cards are cheap and easy means of staying connected with your friends, family, employees and colleagues residing abroad. Whether you are a student, a working professional or a home maker, it does not cost you a fortune to make an international call and stay connected with your loved ones by utilizing calling cards. When it comes to international calling, you have two choices, postpaid calling cards and prepaid calling cards for international calling. However, prepaid calling cards are the most popularly utilized for long distance communication.

These cards are very popular among students, immigrants, expatriates, and frequent travelers. You can easily buy them from nearest departmental stores as well as through online vendors. However, selecting the right calling cards becomes a daunting task when you have so many choices to pick one for your needs. Generally, people give preference to least expensive ones. However, it is not the right criteria to judge the functionality of a card. Following guidelines may help you in finding out best prepaid calling cards:

Identify your Exact Needs

It is obvious that you need card for making call to international destinations. But, you have to define your needs in more comprehensive manner to make a suitable selection of calling cards to serve your purpose. It will be better, if you make a list of the following things:

What are the destinations where you are planning to make an international call or calls?
What will be frequency of your calls? Here you need to determine how many times, you will probably be making calls to international destination in a month.
What will be usually duration of your calls?
What kind of connection quality are you looking for i.e. high quality at high price or cheap quality at low price?
Are you planning to use calling cards for business use or personal use?
Do you want a phone card that can be recharged?

Understanding the Available Options

Many prepaid calling card companies are very smart in utilizing sneaky ways to extort more money from customers in form of hidden cost. It is essential to read all the instructions on information on these tiny cards carefully.

Connection fee
Many calling cards service providers offer lucrative offers in terms of low cost but extort huge money from customers in terms of connection fees. Connection fee is money charged on account of your connection to your desired phone number even when nobody has responded or responded through voice message or a wrong number is dialed. It is essential to consider international calling cards with which you can avoid such connection fees.

Minute rounding
You need to consider minute rounding schedule of your calling card. For instance with two minute rounding, a 4 minute phone call will be billed as a 5minute phone call and same call with one minute rounding would billed as 4 minute a call. It has been found, one minute rounding tends to save more money, however cards with higher rounding usually offer lower call per minute rates.

Add on functions
With calling cards, businesses can significantly reduce the expenditure incurred on communication with its global customers and suppliers. Most of the calling cards offer you an array of advanced features in form of add on functions, such as PIN less dialing, speed dial, call back, international access number, detailed calling records, no additional fees, automatic account recharge etc.

Dial round calling card
It is better to purchase dial around calling cards which can be recharged. With such cards, you dont need to buy a new card, once you have used all the balance of your card and your card can be recharged through an auto account recharge feature.

Many people fall for brands like AT&T, MCI, IDT, Verizon, etc. However, these brands, most of the time offers expensive options. Many smaller card companies offer low cost options for international calling. You need to explore the market to find one that offers the best prices and best services for making your international calling easy, cheap and convenient.

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