The 4 Most Popular Heatmap Tools

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Heat map tools are specifically designed for capturing visitor's mouse movement, clicks and scroll behavior on your website. Website owners, these days keep on spending tons of money to maintain and update their website and still fail to get expected results however, heat mapping tools gives you a clear view of how visitors interact and move around your web page. Using this helpful data provided by heat map analytics, you can try resolving those issues which are leading to decreased conversions or fail to capture user's attention. In addition to it, heat map data provides you options to improve conversion rates and clicks on your website, which in turns optimizes it accordingly.

So, let's not waste even a second and jump to the next segment of this blog where I have discussed about some of the most popular heat mapping tools which will help you track changes in your website in a better way-

Crazy Egg - When it comes to track mouse clicks, Crazy Egg is one of the most well known and highly functional heat map tool used by almost all eCommerce store owners to follow up changes within their website. This tool performs really great by providing users live data by displaying the areas where people click, by providing the scroll percentage and by tracking the source from where people are coming to your website. By just taking a couple of minutes in installation, this tool can be purchased at an affordable price range. So, try this for redesigning your website now.

Mockingfish - Here comes the master mind- "mockingfish" the cool heat mapping tool. These guys are simply amazing. By crafting an innovative approach to technical functionalities, they have designed a tool that understands your business. A platform that allows you to perform testing and tracking, side by side in a quick and secure way. For enjoying maximum conversions and engaging users, I would definitely recommend you to give a try to this heat map tool.  

Click Tale - For providing your customers a true website experience, try this enriched platform for tracking views, scroll, clicks and moves in your website. It provides data-rich heatmaps to ensure that your website is running on the right track.

Mouseflow - Besides tracking, this tool allows you to view and record visitors interaction on your website by displaying clicking and scrolling pattern. There are 4 different ways through which you can track conversions- live mouse tracking, click and move tracking, scroll tracking and via heat map analytics. The benefits of tracking user interaction with this attractive tool leads to maximize conversions, decrease cart abandonment and optimize sales funnel on your website.


So, now you have the information to understand your visitors in a better way. What else you can do is start tracking to provide your customers with a wonderful browsing experience.  
With all the required information that tracks total number of visitors, total time spent, total pages viewed and the overall clicking behavior in hand, you will definitely be able to enhance user experience with increasing conversions and sales revenue.


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