Spiritual Guidance and Help

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In trying times, people are often looking for spiritual guidance as a way to find relief from what is troubling them.
Spiritual help can be found in many different places, including books, meditation and channeled guidance.
It is preferable, when you are looking for spiritual help, or a spiritual advisor that you find someone who will reflect back to you your own innate connection to All That Is.
When seeking a spiritual advisor, it is beneficial to make sure that you are choosing someone that you are comfortable with; someone whom you trust and who only has your best interest in mind.
Remember that offering spiritual counseling does not mean being a guru.
It means being pure of purpose.
Spiritual counseling is the opportunity for the counselor to share with you what they know to be true- that you are Divine and have within you your own innate intuition and connection to Source.
They are there to remind you of Who You Really Are and to provide you with clarity about this truth and to help guide you along your spiritual path.
One form of spiritual guidance is channeled guidance.
This type of spiritual advisor, known as a channel, will go into a meditative state and begin to speak words of spiritual help.
There can be interaction between the channel and anyone asking for guidance.
There are channels for pure Source Energy, non-physical beings and more.
The experience and energy coming through every channel is different and will bring a different experience to the listener.
Having a session with a channel is a unique way to receive spiritual guidance, one that is extremely beneficial.
The Wisdom of Brahama provides this type of spiritual guidance.
You will leave the session feeling aware that you are more than a physical body, that your true essence is eternal.
Channeled guidance is self-empowering for the listener, and although the information is delivered via a channel, the spiritual counseling is a way for you to see your own true power.
A spiritual advisor can offer you help and clarity in all areas of your life, including relationships, money and financial beliefs, health issues, career and more.
They can help you see that even in your darkest moments, there is spiritual help available to you, and therefore relief from what is troubling you.
Through spiritual counseling, you will deepen your own spiritual beliefs and faith.
Your spiritual nature will shine even more brightly.
Imagine that you can feel whole and balanced after having a session with someone who can offer pure and loving spiritual guidance.
Knowing that you are empowered to return to your own divine nature will carry over into your day to day experiences and you will uplift those around you.
This may be a process that you begin once you seek spiritual guidance, but if you make a commitment to it, the magnificence of Who You Really Are will become evident.
With the help of a grounded, spiritual advisor, be it through channeled guidance or another form, you will ultimately uncover an empowered and beautiful you.

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