Homemade Dachshund Ear Cleaning Solution

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    Rubbing Alcohol and Vinegar

    • 1). Fill a container with one-third cup of vinegar, one-third cup of rubbing alcohol and one-third cup of water.

    • 2). Stir the mixture together with a spoon.

    • 3). Fill an eye dropper with the mixture.

    • 4). Tilt the dog's head to the side and squeeze a few drops into one ear. After two minutes drain the ear, then clean the other one. The vinegar will disinfect the ear and the rubbing alcohol will dry it out.

    Rubbing Alcohol and Boric Acid

    • 1). For the second solution, fill a 16-oz. bottle with rubbing alcohol and 4 tbsp. of boric acid powder. The alcohol will dry and disinfect the ears while the boric acid powder is an antiseptic. Boric acid powder can be bought online or at most drug stores; you may have to ask for it because it is used in the manufacture of illegal drugs and sometimes is not left out on the shelves.

    • 2). Shake the bottle until the powder dissolves.

    • 3). Use an eye dropper to drop the solution into the dog's ears. Massage each ear for a minute while the solution is in it, then wipe it clean with a cloth or tissue.


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