Informational Guide to Slatwall Accessories

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Looking for a simple and versatile way to showcase your products?Slatwalls are one of the most popular merchandise displays, providing a system that allows for customized or conventional display setups.
Accessories include, but are not limited to, hooks, pockets, baskets, and shelving.
Beyond these basic accessories, there are specific accessories for virtually every type of product.
Though your search for store fixtures should not end with slatwalls, these multipurpose store displays can accommodate almost anything.
Start by picking out the appropriate conventional accessories for your retail store, and customize from there.
Hooks are very common accessories for slatwalls.
These are the age-old element of point of purchase display that supply a very efficient strategy for promoting impulse buys such as candy, batteries, chapstick, or lighters.
These items are often packaged with a hole in the top for this very purpose, so they can be displayed on slatwall hooks.
However, these are not the only products that are great on hooks.
There are an abundance of products that have a similar punch in the packaging, like office supplies, hardware, cell phone accessories, small electronics and accessories, and more.
In fact, slatwall hooks are great for retail environments as well as any kind of storage facility that needs organization.
They can even be found in personal garages, holding tools and materials.
Slatwall hooks are also among the most inexpensive of slatwall accessories, making them easy to afford for almost any business.
Slatwall shelves are the second most common fixtures for slatwalls.
They are fully adjustable, making room for every possible product line.
There is also a large variety of styles that serve different purposes.
Some are made with two or three tiers to hold different forms of media such as DVDs, CDs, Magazines, etc.
Slatwall shelves also come flat, in tray form, and with a sloping angle to accommodate almost anything.
Rather than wasting time and space with conventional bookshelves or old shelving units, utilizing shelves for slatwalls allows you to have more flexibility and makes rearranging the store much easier.
After purchasing the right type and number of these conventional slatwall displays, customized or specific slatwall accessories will work great for any other products that are left out.
There are slatwall accessories specifically designed for hats, shoes, sports equipment, reading material, and many other products.
There is almost certainly a slatwall accessory that is perfect for whatever product you might provide.
Making sure you have the right accessories will make your slatwall displays look great.
There is nothing quite like a store that has customized and organized store fixtures, and slatwalls make it easy.

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