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My name is Aaron Kromann, and I'm going to show you how to make a stone wall in Photoshop. Okay. So, I'm going to make a new layer so it don't mess up the background and I'm going to go to filter and make sure you have a black and white currently as your foreground. You can even play with a few different colors, but we're just going to go black and white. Go to render and go to clouds. And this is a pretty good texture. But, I, I want a more deeper blacks and whites; so, I'm going to go back to filter and I'm going to click on the different clouds and just kind of flips everything with a little bit of variation. You can even go to levels if you want, but, this is a little bit more fun; adds a little, kind of surprises you of what you get. And you can either hit control or command F to do the effect again. So, oh, that looks nice, little, kind of the veins of raw, white rock; I'm going to hit it again 'till I get kind of something I like. Okay. So, this looks like a good a, a interplay of white and dark. So, I'm going to go to channels and I'm going to right click on the blue and duplicate layer and I'm going to call it, "Stone Wall". Hit okay. Then, I'm going to click on the RGB to make sure all the colors, now you can click on any of these and duplicate any of them, I just chose the blue, blue had to be turned off 'cause otherwise it makes everything looks like this when it's turned on. So, then, we're going to go back to layers and we're going to go to filter, render, lighting effects. And it's okay, it's kind of lighting it and there's some dark, that's cool, but doesn't really feel like rock. So, we're going to go to the texture channel and click on stone wall just like what we have in our channel. And now, it adds a little bit of texture; so, now it kind of wear the white czar, it lift, pulls that up while pushing back down the, the blacks. There are other ways to make a stone texture in Photoshop such as taking a picture of a stone or even making a new texture with one of the other filters in Photoshop. So, this looks fine, so we're going to hit okay. And there we go, nice rocky texture; but, it doesn't exactly look like a wall, and maybe a mountain but not a wall. So, we're going to go to filter, going to go to texture, mosaic tiles. And what this does is it kind of adds a texture to the wall so that it looks kind of just lightened bricks so we can control the grout what's in between the brick, we can control the size. A little difficult to see, let's see if we can get the two beds so that; I might need to darken it a little bit later, I'll do that next. So, we're going to make a, a decent size of the bricks, the tiles. Grout with and make it a little bigger. And we don't want the grout light, we want it kind of as dark as possible, so, we can see it and hit okay. And it looks okay, but I want a little bit more. So, I'm going to go to filter and mosaic tiles, so I'll do the same thing again and it kind of pushes in the darkness of the grout, but it kind of wash everything out and I really like that. But, see it's kind of hard to see the grout, you can go on with a brush and kind of darken it up. You just lightly go in for some selected areas. So, now that you have a stone wall, you can place the texture into one of your other drawings or even a picture and make it look a lot more interesting, maybe a remote. My name is Aaron Kromann, good luck with your art.

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