New Approach for Any Glasses Reglaze Service

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Many may not have heard the term ‘reglaze' as it is a new process brought on through an innovative identification of meeting consumers' needs. Glasses are reglazed when the old lenses are replaced with new pieces fitted into the same spectacle frame.

Reasons for reglaze

With the ailing economy which fluctuates unabashedly nowadays, it is expensive to keep changing the spectacle frame every time the consumer's eye prescription changes. Those between 40 and 60 are hardest hit with changing prescription as they undergo the normal process of long-sightedness and possibly short-sightedness in effect. It is even worse when the consumer has to struggle with astigmatism.

These different lens conditions can create some havoc to the consumers. Hence, reglazing the glasses is a better solution than to replace lens and frame which can be quite expensive.

Reglaze is also common to those who experience broken or scratched lenses. Some spectacle wearers may be more careless than others; hence, damaged lenses are quite common. This frequently occurs with children who do not know how to take care of their glasses properly. The glasses can be sat on or dropped to hard surfaces which can cause damage.

Many consumers do not mind paying for an expensive frame which they really like or that suits their facial frame. It is not always that the ideal frame can be found.

Another reason for reglazing the lens is to save more money in these times of economic turmoil.

Placing an order

Glasses that need to be reglazed can be done very easily. The process is very simple. One can get online to identify the established and reputable glasses reglaze service provider. The consumer just has to email a request for their free post pack which would be quickly sent to the customer by normal postal service.

A copy of the customer's prescription is required for analysis work. The latest prescription can be requested from the consumer's optician free of charge. Then, all the consumer needs to do is to place the prescription and frame into the reglaze provider's free post pack, seal it and send it back to the reglaze service provider.

There is no need for any payment at this point in time as the reglaze experts needs to analyze the lens first to give the consumer the best quote of reglazing. The consumer would be contacted by the reglaze experts after a proper analysis is performed to make the best recommendation to the reglazing works. The price of reglazing would be quoted to the consumer over the phone. Further questions can be answered until the consumer is satisfied with the reglaze process and service.


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