Variations In Off-page SEO – A Key Factor

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Now, the market of SEO has been so vast and expanded specially off-page SEO which is the easiest type. Because off-page SEO needs submissions only. But here, the submissions refer to the genuine and relevant submissions, not spamming. Here in Pakistan, now you can find a lot of people who perform just submissions only with a salary range of 12K to 15K. A person learns SEO from the submissions of websites in different off-page SEO processes like bookmarks, directories, blog comments, articles, press releases, etc etc. But it is a fact that today, the SEO market has been filled with a huge quantity of spammers. Well spamming is another issue. I will discuss about the off-page SEO (submissions) and will share some useful techniques according to my experience. These techniques will be a useful guide for basic link builders (submitters) who newly entered in the SEO industry.

Well, every SEO definitely knows that what off-page optimization is. This type of SEO contains some processes that are performed off the page of your website. Means that you don't need to perform changes or working inside your website. It needs submissions of your website in different website channels that give backlinks to your site. So a basic link builder performs these common off-page SEO methods:
1. Directory Submission
2. Social Bookmarking
3. Blog Commenting
4. Article Submission
5. Press Release Submission
6. Forum Postings

Plan For Submission:
Well I know the submission process of different small and big SEO companies of Pakistan and other countries (specially Asian countries). They set website submission targets on daily, weekly and monthly basis according to their relevancy and perform working. So majority of these companies set fix submission targets for example they set that perform 100 submissions per day. It is totally wrong concept. Fixing the submissions will never give high and top ranking to your website. So make a process to perform submissions with variations.

For example you have a task to submit websites in the directories. So keep changing the quantity of submission. If you are performing 100 directory submissions in a day then submit 80 on the other day, then 85 on the next day, then 105 next day and so on. So this variety will be noted by Google and it will give a positive response in the ranking of your website. This strategy is not only for directory submissions but also for all other off-page optimization tasks. It is a very little thing but highly noticed by Google and other search engines.

About blog commenting I say that that avoid spamming. Post comments on relevant topics only. Otherwise you will be penalized by Google. Forget the difference between do-follow and no-follow links. People say that do-follow have more worth and is readable by Google. It is true but it doesn't mean that no-follow have no worth. If it was then Google didn't read and show them in front of you while you search blogs for commenting. Yahoo Site Explorer (which has been closed now by the company) also gives you backlinks of no-follow with do-follow. So don't think that no-follow have no worth. They also pass link juice like do-follow links.

About Forum postings I also say that avoid spamming. Participate positively in different SEO forums of the world. Because world's best SEOs share their experience and knowledge in online forums from which you can gain professional learning. Remember that spam commenting, cloaking and hiding your network IP are black hat SEO techniques. Hiding IP is still not caught by Google but it understands the comment status of your websites. The biggest search engine of the world can also catch cloaking now. So optimize your website in a positive and genuine way and keep variations in all the off-page submission tasks. Always try to do some new and creative that will give a highly positive impact to the ranking of your website.

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