How to Breed Spangled English Game Bantams

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    • 1). Breed a Spangled English Game Bantam rooster to a hen. This process will fertilize the hen's eggs. Parents require no prior specialized care. A rooster will just mate with his hens. Tend to any wounds either of them receives during breeding, however, since they can become infected quickly.

    • 2). Collect the eggs the hen lays after breeding. Place them in the incubator for safe keeping. If you prefer to keep the eggs with the hen, be aware that if she abandons them for a long period of time or if she becomes violent, you will not be able to save them from harm.

    • 3). Candle the eggs at 10 to 14 days. This is done by turning off the lights in a room and lighting a candle or turning on a bright spotlight. The room must be pitch black for best results. Hold the egg up to the light source. If you see a dark blotch in the egg, it is very likely that a chick is growing inside.

    • 4). Standby for the chicks to hatch. Hatching occurs around 18 to 20 days after the eggs have been laid. If chicks do not hatch within this time frame, you may wait up to an additional week in order to be certain that the chicks are not going to hatch. If they do not hatch, throw the eggs out.

    • 5). Start the chicks on chick feed and room temperature water within a day of the entire group hatching. Allow the chicks to stay indoors until they have their first full molt or until outdoor temperatures are higher than 75 degrees Fahrenheit during the day as the chicks require warmth.


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