3 Effective Ways To Grow Your Dental and Medical Practice

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In last article we have seen introduction to the 3 ways to growing your practice.
In this article, we'll see the first way in more details.
The very first way to grow your practice is by adding new patients to your practice.
In fact at many practices Doctors don't keep any record.
Record of things like - That how many new patients they are getting every day? How many patients are getting every week, or every month? This is something which you must do from day one.
Normally you receives 2 types of patients - one, new patients and second follow-up patients.
Follow-up patients are again very important; because that shows that you are getting repeat patients.
That shows the trust that patients have on you, on your practice, on your treatment, your expertise - which is a good thing.
But the second number which you have to consider is the number of new patients you are getting which is again very important thing.
In my another audio program I mentioned that new patients are the life blood of your practice.
Better the blood flow, the better your practices health.
Few weeks back I conducted one survey in which I asked many doctors how many patient attraction ways they are using in their practice.
I was not only surprised, I was shocked that around 90% of the doctors said that they are using 1 -2 methods of attracting patients.
This is really shocking.
So if you want to attract new patients to your practice the first and must thing that you have to do is - increase the number of ways you have to attract the patients.
I have actually find out, I have developed more than 30+ ways to attract new patients to your practice.
Now just imagine what is going to happen to your practice if you use all these 20+ methods? And let's say each method attract just 5 new patients to your practice every month then you are going to get more than 100+ new patients every month.
is it really possible? Of course it is possible.
I am doing for many many practices.
The only thing is that you have to be consistent.
You have to measure your marketing investment, your marketing activities and you have to invest in marketing activities.
So when you read that document carefully, See how many ways you can implement out of that in your own practice.
Conclusion - So that is one of the 3 ways to increase patient flow to your practice.
In next part this series, we'll see the second way to grow your practice.
Take Your Practice To The Next Level! Have a great practice...
Rajesh Gurule.

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