Proper Testimonials

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There have been very effective ads that were nothing more than four or five testimonials, and it worked! The obvious reason for common usage of testimonials is the credibility that they represent.
There also have been testimonials that have not worked, we are going to look into why for both cases.
Remembering the three part formula for an effective ad; 1) make the benefit promise, 2) document or prove your claims, and 3) make as irresistible and/or risk free an offer as possible; then it is clear to see that proper testimonials represent the first two, big time! Even though establishing the importance of proper testimonials, it is equally important to establish the definition of "proper".
While declaring earlier that the most effective ads demonstrate the "positive benefits to you" of buying your product/service, it is a no-brainer to accept that testimonials should declare the same theme, particularly with one extra spin on them.
There are far too many testimonials out there that say "he was on time", "he did a good job", "he knows what he is doing" or the like.
These are all declarations that he/it performed as expected, which is not bad, but not exceptional! The most effective idea is to convey the distinct impression that this is an exceptional value, that he/it delivers results beyond what is excepted, he/it went beyond the call of duty to give me exceptional service and satisfaction that could not be delivered by brand X! eg.
- "because of his large inventory on hand, I didn't have to wait 4 days to get what I wanted, like I would have with the other guys", or, "I've taken lots of different brands of supplements, but until they explained to me that I needed to take them with meals, did my pain go away", or, "he called in his expert friends and they solved my problem, which nobody else could.
" Or, even the dreaded "he forgot to bring a ___but he drove 2 hours to find one, just so I could ______.
" I contend that it is falsely considered heresy to admit that you ever made a mistake.
If you admit that you aren't perfect, but that you will make it right, then you demonstrating attitudes of humility and determination to do the right thing when needed.
We all know that we all make mistakes.
It's the attitude about doing extra that should be in "proper" testimonials.

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