How to Stop Puppy From Biting & Snapping

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    • 1). Say "ouch" when the puppy bites any part of your body and walk away from him. This is an effective way to teach puppies not to bite people, according to After a few times, the puppy will realize this is a bad behavior and it will stop. After walking away, the website recommends returning with a toy in 15 minutes and begin to play with him, unless the puppy bites again. If he bites again, repeat the procedure.

    • 2). Say "no" when the puppy bites, if the "ouch " method does not work. It is important to be firm in the commands so that the puppy knows that it is doing something bad. Do not hit him. Just say "no" and move the body part away from his mouth. This step may make them think it's a challenge and could cause them to bite more, according to This step is best for puppies who already know the "no" command.

    • 3). Learn to notice when the puppy is about to bite so that "no" can be used before he actually makes contact. The Dog Breed Info Center suggests that something then be given to the puppy that they are allowed to chew on, like a rawhide or a toy. This way the puppy will learn what is okay to chew and what isn't.


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