How to Remove Cake Coloring From Hands

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    • 1). Squirt some of the Vaseline or lotion onto your hands to begin breaking down the pigment from the food coloring.

    • 2). Rub the Vaseline or lotion into your hands thoroughly.

    • 3). Place some salt in a bowl with a touch of apple cider vinegar to create a paste. Too much vinegar will dissolve the salt. You want to keep the quantities right so an abrasive paste is formed with the salt.

    • 4). Rub the paste into your hands. The salt will act as an abrasive to assist in removing the pigment from the food coloring.

    • 5). Run your hands under warm water, and repeat the step with the salt and vinegar as necessary.

    • 6). Wash with hand soap and warm water once the food coloring has been removed.


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