Kareem Abdul Jabbar, 1977-79

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About the Theft:

Sometime between September 2 and 3, 2009, the Los Angeles residence of collector Richard L. Weisman was stripped of 11 original Andy Warhol canvases. Ten comprised the Athlete Series that Weisman commissioned in the late 1970s, and the eleventh was a portrait of Weisman himself.

Please note that the ten canvases in the Athlete Series were reproduced by Andy Warhol with other color schemes; the layouts you see in this gallery are accurate to the stolen paintings.

Additionally, each of the Athlete Series works bears the signature of the athlete and either the artist's signature or the Warhol estate stamp on its back. Anyone with information about this theft or the whereabouts of the paintings is asked to contact Detectives Hrycyk or Sommer, Art Theft Detail, Commercial Crimes Division of the Los Angeles Police Department at (231) 485-2524 or (877) 529-3855 after hours.


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