Don"t Skip The Details When Ordering Your Trade Show Flooring

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Today's trade show floor options include rubber matting, textured wood, trade show carpet, and a variety of other forms of floor coverings.
Variations on traditional and more contemporary options are plentiful, and choosing the right one is crucial.
The right base can add visual interest, define your booth area more clearly, add comfort underfoot, and even carry your company logo.
When you're ready to order trade show flooring for your business, don't forget the accessories.
Too many people order carpeting for their convention display without considering what extras they need in order to set up, break down, transport, and store their floor coverings What Accessories Do You Need For Your Carpet? Trade show carpet is often shipped from event to event rolled up and packaged in tubes.
Once you unroll your carpet, you'll need to find a way to line up the lengths of carpeting and keep the carpet flat, since it can have a tendency to curl after being rolled up.
Be sure you have plenty of two-sided tape to fasten your trade show carpet securely to the floor beneath.
You may also want to bring clear tape to secure power cords to prevent visitors from tripping.
Plastic sheeting is also an excellent investment if you want your trade show carpet to retain its bright color, prevent wearing in high traffic areas, and protect it during setup.
You may also want a clear plastic sheet to cover your floor graphics while still letting them show; this will keep the graphics crisp and fresh for years.
Ask your carpet supplier to include plastic sheeting cut to fit over the area.
Proper bags will protect your trade show flooring between uses and during shipment as well.
Installing Raised Trade Show Flooring - The Tools You'll Need A raised deck is more complex to put together and takes longer to install than most standard options.
Be sure that when you order raised floor components, you ask about what tools you'll need to install the interlocking pieces.
You may also need risers that can be attached underneath, raising it as much as four inches, if you need the additional clearance for electrical wiring, cables, or conduit.
Some raised panels require metal fasteners or clamps to join the individual sections, while other options can be put together easily because they use a snap lock system.
Make sure you know which kind you've ordered so you aren't caught without the proper tools for installation or break-down.
Soft Floors And Rubber - Installation Made Easy If you're looking for comfortable, attractive trade show flooring that's easy to install without tools, look for interlocking soft floor tiles or recycled rubber tiles.
These oversized, interlocking squares lay flat without any effort on your part and easily snap together for a durable, secure base for your booth.
You will, however, want to purchase shipping cases or trunks, as the individual squares are rather large and can quickly stack up to a considerable height when broken down after the event is over.
The right sized case will keep everything clean and protected between uses.
Securing Electrical Cords And Plumbing Don't neglect the accessories you will need in order to provide electricity to your booth when you're shopping.
If you are using soft flooring, there will be instances when you need to run extension cords, power cords, or even conduit over the surface.
For these situations, it's essential that you use strong, clear tape to secure cords to prevent tripping.
You may also want to buy some cord covers or small conduit to bundle multiple cords and protect them from damage.
Trade show flooring is an important element of your booth.
By making sure you have all the proper accessories for installation, storage, and safety when you order your trade show carpeting or some other base, you'll save yourself plenty of headaches in the future.

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