Learn About Some Basketball Shots

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Basketball is a sport played by 2 5-player teams.
The aim is to score points by placing a ball through a hoop 10 feet above the ground.
Basketball has grown in popularity over the years and is now one of the most common sports worldwide.
Various methods used in basketball include dribbling, shooting and passing.
There are several different shooting techniques used in basketball to get points, let us look at a couple essential ones.
A layup is a shot that is performed by leaping from below the net, pushing the ball up near to the basket and tipping it over the rim and into the basket with one hand.
Alternatively the ball may be bounced off the backboard instead and into the basket.
All moves involving this kind of one-handed reach and movement is known as a layup and is considered the most basic shot in basketball.
Essentially there are 2 types of layups, the underarm layup and the over arm layup.
While there are several various types of layups, they all fall into one of these 2 categories.
An undefended layup is a very successful shot and refers to when the ball handler is able to get up to the basket without a defender going up too to try to block him off.
The main difficulty in doing a layup shot is going around the blocks of the taller defenders so if the shot is unblocked it will surely be more successful.
A slam dunk which is perhaps the most popular of all basketball shots is simply a layup done by a player tall enough to reach over the rim of the basket, who then drops or slams the ball into the basket from above rather than just tipping it over the rim.
A safer layup is done by holding the ball in both hands instead of only one and taking 2 steps to the basket.
The finger-roll is a type of underarm layup that entails the use of the wrist and the fingers to 'lay' the ball in the basket.
The movement of the wrist and fingers causes the ball to spin and roll around the rim before falling into the basket.
A jump shot is another well-known basketball move in which the player jumps straight up and throws the ball while in mid-air into the basket.
The jump shot is thought to be the easiest long-range shot and gives the benefit of being tricky for a defender to block however, taller defenders will make it a hard move to carry out.
A variation of the jump shot is a turnaround jump shot in which a player turns in mid-air to make the shot.
Another basketball shot is the bank shot which relies on the backboard for getting the ball into the basket.
It is primarily used in mid-range jump shots.
The goal of the bank shot is to hit the backboard at an angle which slows the ball down and heightens the likelihood of it dropping through the basket.

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